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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How much does a wedding typically cost? 

A: Instead of a general overall cost to the entire wedding, we focus on the cost per head. This helps our clients put the total cost of the event into a clearer perspective and allows them to shape their event based on how many people they anticipate to attend. We can plan events with a variety of different budgets. 

Q: When should I book a wedding planner? 

A: We suggest that a wedding planner be the first thing you book, and if not first, as soon as possible! The earlier we are working with you, the better we can help you. In an effort to best serve our clients, we book clients at a maximum of 18 months in advance of their date, and no less than three months prior to the event.

Q: What should I look for in a wedding planner? 

A: When looking for a wedding planner, we suggest that you look for someone you can collaborate with to bring your event to life in a way that represents your personal style and preferences. 

Q: How much involvement will my planner have? 

A: As much or as little as you want! Your planner’s level of involvement depends on the event planning package you reserve and your personal preferences. Some clients will have every detail planned out and are just looking for a coordinator to execute their vision, and some clients want to sit back and let their planner take care of everything for their wedding day. We work with clients at both ends of the spectrum (and anywhere in between) by personalizing our services to your needs.

Q: My venue already has an in-house wedding coordinator. Why do I need a planner?

A: Your venue coordinator most likely has many clients and many upcoming events they're juggling simultaneously. Most onsite venue coordinators are just too busy to devote the time and attention necessary to attend to the details of your wedding. The bottom line: A wedding coordinator at a venue and a wedding planner are two completely different jobs. The venue wedding coordinator is there to serve the venue. A planner is completely focused on you and dedicated to your wedding vision, and they are there solely to make sure that your vision comes to life on your wedding day.

Q: Why should we hire a wedding planner or coordinator? 

A: An event planner’s primary goal and responsibility is to help you stay focused and organized. We’re here to help you stay on track, refer you to reputable vendors, supply a wealth of resources, and negotiate on your behalf to carry out your vision. Although we help our clients plan amazing events, should any wrinkles come up we will be there to take care of them so you don't have to.

Q: What is the cost of hiring Hudson Park to help me plan my event? 

A: Our pricing packages vary by event, please contact us using the form below and we will schedule a consultation to provide you an estimate. We can plan events with a variety of different budgets. 

Q: What areas do you serve? 
A: We are based in Greenville, SC, and primarily serve the Greater Greenville area: Greer, Taylors, Mauldin, Spartanburg, Clemson, Anderson, Asheville, NC. If outside of the Greater Greenville area, please specify in the contact form.

Q: Do you do destination weddings?  
A: Yes- we love to travel! Please fill out the contact form and let us know where we're going!

Q: Are there any types of events you will not help plan? 

A: As long as it’s legal, we’re here to help. We enjoy planning weddings, anniversaries, proposals, and bachelorette parties. You name it- we can do it!

Q: How do you book your services? 

A: Please fill out the contact form below so we can start collaborating!

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